Leggari Products Epoxy Brochure

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WHAT’S IN A LEGGARI FLOOR KIT? All of our kits use the finest raw materials on the market, making them the most refined Industrial Grade Products on the planet. Each floor kit comes with enough Primer, 100% Solids Epoxy, and Metallics to create a truly one of a kind high end floor. We highly recommend our Urethane Top Coat for added durability and scratch resistance.

WHY OUR FLOOR KITS ARE SO EASY TO INSTALL The 2 reasons everyone says our floor kits are so easy to install is because our Metallic Epoxy resin is a living, flowing resin during its curing process. Our resin is more fluid than any other resin on the market, making it easier to self-level, creating that natural look of blended colors without the installer needing an artistic touch. All of our kits are pre-measured into 3 gallons so you don’t have to measure out every gallon.


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